Tuesday, 3 December 2013

My aim in Life (Short Essay)

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” 
Albert Einstein

It is well-said by Albert Einstein. To have a good life, it is essential to set a goal and start working on it from the beginning. Whatever we aim for, our lives should be designed around it. Some people aim to become doctor and some want to be engineer. Every goal is achievable if we work hard.

I want to be a teacher when I grow up. My goal is clear and my vision is vivid. I want to educate people. Science is my favorite subject. It always opens my mind to new dimensions. I want to be a science teacher who practically teaches students, along with theory. 

Teachers help not only few people but they have power to educate whole generation. I want to transfer my ideas to one generation. I know one man has power, but we can change whole nation if others also join in. I want to teach good ethics along with my subject to improve our lives and others. I am sure that I will achieve my goal because I am determined.    

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Games and Sports in Student's life

Physical and mental fitness is essential for every person. Students have very busy schedule and they often get tired from it. To perform best, it is necessary to have a sound mind in a sound body and for that games should also be played with study.

Sport gives physical strength whereas game increases mental power. Sports like cricket, football, hockey improve physical health and mental fitness can be achieved by games like chess, brain games, Sudoku etc. They make body fit and help us to perform well. They teach us team work that is helpful in student as well as professional life. The sense of brotherhood makes us care for others.  Sports build one’s behavior in such a way that he/she is able to accept defeat with victory which produces positive approach towards life.  They make us able to think in stressed condition that makes our mind sharp. Researchers find out that the students who play games and have good performance in sport; they also do well in exams.

Sports and games should be made a part of life to make mind and body healthy. Students should manage their time for study as well as sports if they want to perform well. Recent scientific studies have proven that students, who give equal importance to games along with studies, are achievers in professional life as compared to those who neglect sports.

A visit to Sea side/ A picnic

Last Weekend, my cousins visited my home. At Sunday morning, we planned to go to Hawke’s Bay. It is a sandy beach located 20km South West of Karachi. At about 10 a.m. with our parents we left for the beach. We enjoyed the journey a lot. We sang song, bought food and drinks from the way. 

When we reached the beach, Sun was high in the sky.  We hired a beautiful hut there. Our elders settled in the hut and we children after enjoying juices, went to the sea. Water was warm and cozy and waves were not harsh. For an hour, we stayed in it and enjoy the waves softly hitting our body.  After that my cousin suggested to play Volley Ball. We were still playing when my mother called us to have lunch. After lunch we went back to sea and only came out when it was time to leave for home at sunset.

Sun was looking beautiful at evening, it was giving orange color to waves which was making the sea more pretty. With the cherish memories of the day and tired bodies, we all went to our home. It was a great day, full of fun and joy.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Flood in Pakistan(essay)

Flood is the natural disaster which causes massive destruction by over flowing of water. This huge amount of water come from heavy rain falls and snow melting that burden the rivers and results in flood.

Floods are common in Pakistan and affect Sind and Punjab most. Monsoon season brings lots of heavy rainfall that increases water level of rivers of Sind and Punjab and river basins sink into water.Whenever it comes it takes away many precious lives, take homes of many poor and left people in misery. Flood take away many houses of people, they are forced to live under open sky. The shortage of clean water and food takes away lives of many. The other major problem arise is the spreading of diseases. Water borne diseases become common and lack of medicine makes situation worse. Infrastructure damage causes transportation problems. People get stuck in their places until the rescue team arrives through helicopters or boats.

Natural disasters are not in the hand of man. They can’t stop them but can take measures to reduce the damage. Properties loss is amendable but a life loss is a loss forever. Government does take some action for it, but bringing back the life as it used to be takes years.